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Magic Truffle

What is a Truffle

Truffles — the non-chocolate kind, sorry — are edible fungi, like mushrooms but unlike mushrooms, they grow underground near tree roots. Magic truffles are generally expensive but they are worth it. Our magic mushroom grow kit gives you the opportunity to grow your own mushroom behind your house. This is a practice many of clients have taken to and the experience of seeing your own shroom grow is priceless. Checkout mangolicious strain, it has the fame of backpack boyz.

Space shrooms – psychedelics seeds and spore syringes or spore vials just to name a few are some of the things we have to offer. Just place your order and have it delivered to you.

Payote | Ayahuasca retreat

Have you ever gone for an ayahuasca retreat before? These are generally amazing psychedelics experiences. Blue Lotus Extract and psilocybe cubensis and brands with a hit that speaks louder than words.

Many people ask us if  Payote is legal or if where to fine it or what it is Payote. Our answer is always that it’s explaining is in the eating. The san pedro mescaline cactus is another clear example on how successful psychedelics research has been. All those who have tasted it have spoken so highly of their journey. 

Have some Damiana tea and take a journey of a million steps without even taking a step. Smoking Damiana is legal in many cities in the USA and we do supply it discretely.

How much have you heard about the north spore or the back to the roots mushroom kit? there is no better experience than growing your own magic mushroom. We sell a variety of mushroom grow kits just browse or stock.

Golden teacher mushrooms as it is called have a reputation beyond comprehension. Buy it together with spore syringe and get an amazing discount after you place your order.

We have impressive products for sale such as AYAHUASCA HERBS – CACTI – MAGIC TRUFFLE GROWKIT – MAGIC TRUFFLES – SPACE SHROOMS. Buy golden teacher from us and get the feeling shrooms spores to have to offer. 

Cookies Melrose

Cookies dispensary Los Angeles as it is preferred to be called is another cannabis strain we have that is trending and is well known for its perfection. With products like snow montana – city of  tree – Grape skin, you are sure to have and amazing experience.

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