What to Buy When You’re Uptight About Cannabis

Despite the fact that cannabis is already legal across the country, the vast majority of Americans—perhaps well over 90%—have yet to visit a regulated cannabis store. That most likely includes you. That’s fine—cannabis shops are still relatively new in the United States.

That doesn’t mean your first visit to the dispensary has to be unpleasant or uncomfortable. Just ask Dennis Norris II, co-host of Food 4 Thot, a fantastic—and incredibly raunchy—podcast.

Dennis and I met for the first time in February in Portland, OR, when we were attending the Listen Up podcast festival. Dennis, who prefers the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “their,” said they haven’t had many great cannabis experiences and have never visited a dispensary. We ended up taking Dennis to Serra, a lovely dispensary in the middle of downtown Portland, to accompany him on his first cannabis visit.

Listen here as Dennis learns about a variety of cannabis products, including Serra’s new gumdrop line, before deciding on the best one for them.

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